My journey from Prague to Sydney

I come to Australia four months ago. I arrived by plane. My journey was very long. I travelled from Prague to Sydney in two days. I had transit in Dubai. There I stayed nine hours. In the airport in Sydney I waited for my boyfriend to get me. He has lived Australia for two years.

When I came to Australia for the first time, I was very tired.
I was very surprised by the different weather. In my country it was winter (minus 20 temperature) and in Australia (Sydney) it was summer (plus 30 temperature).
I had to take off many of my clothes. During my journey I met many different people from other countries. They were very nice and friendly.
I wanted to travel with my friends, but I had to fly alone. It was harder for me. I was the only Czech person on board the plane.
I like Australia for her nature reserves, many beautiful beaches, different peoples and nice sunny weather.

College experiences

I chose to study English in Australia, because I have my boyfriend here.
I study English, because I think English is number one language in the world and I need it for my work /I am a teacher in elementary school/.
I' ve been in Australia since February and I' ve come to Kingsway for six weeks (14. May 2012). I had a good reference from my friend in my country.
A first test was very difficult for me, but now I feel an advancement.
Studying English here in Sydney and studying English in my country is different. In this class there aren't any other czech peoples and I must think harder.
The lesson style and resources are similar to my country.

Home life

I live in Sydney in Wolli Creek (Bonar Street) about 15 minutes from the city by train.
I live in an apartment with my boyfriend and two friends from my country. Our apartment is very nice. We have a big living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a terrasse. On the top floor we have a swimming pool and a gym.
This isn't my first time living away from my parents. I lived alone in my country and I think, that it is better for me and for my parents too. I am 31 years old.
My flatmates in Australia are nice. We have joint interests. We cook and clean together. We watch Tv and play games together. It is really good.
Our “house rules” are different between my country, because in Australia we have a weekly rent and we must sort the rubbish.