Top's Problem

Hello! I’m Top. I had been in Sydney for 2 mouth. Everything here is very interested but just one thing i didn’t. “I got problem“ My problem is a my job. Now i’m a kitchen hand at a Thai restaurant.It’s in Reavsby which is very far away from here. I have to catch the train and it taken around 40-50 minute to get there but i’m not warried about that. The people there are very kind to me.We lived like family. They help me everything when i got a problem. However I am not happy even thought a people there are very sympathetic I don’t know why. Sometimes i feel like walking out. It’s very borring because I did the same work in my country last year. I was a Chef for 3-4 mouths. So in Sydney I know if I don’t do the job I can’t live in here. I can do hard work everything but just one thing i don’t like. “ I DON’T LIVE IN SMALL ROOM ”