Your last day in your country

Before i came here i had terrible feeling about i have to came here. Because i don"t want to came here

-Why you think about that?

what did you do ?

Q: Where did you go last day in your country ?

Q: Have you ever been to another country before you came to Sydney ?

Q:Where did you live before you came to sydney?

Before i came here i had Big fairday party with Myfriend i had bad feeling and happy feeling in same time.
Because i had said good bye Myfriend and good bye Mycountry as well. That"s why i really don"t want to came here
And Before i "ve been liveing in Hong Kong for 2 year i like it .

23 /8/2011 Today test

Hi, My name is tina tuanjai noibua.I am from Thailand .I was born on April 7.
My parents lived in Hong kong.When i was studies in University My Major is Tourist Manament
After i finished university i had worked at pattaya city. My possition is Costumer service at Centrafestival pattaya Beach.
So i love it . But i came here because My Mom she really wanna see My English to be very well and might have good experience in here .
Frist week i thought i really don"t like here because i very bored with everything. But now just it"s ok


Visit in my Home Town.. Phitsanulok in The Nortn of Thailand
-when you go from Bankkok you can see many Mountian
»»> when you drive the car from bangkok to North of Thailand you can see the Mountian all the way
-And can see The Pangnompoo River at Nakornsawann
»»> Pangnompoo river is very nice, you can travel by boat
-And can see Bongborapet Lak at Pijit
»»> The Bongborapet is very good scenery,The Bongborapet have a lot of brid and fish