Teguh's Experience

I'm going to lake toba 7 years ago with my family.
I think lake toba is amazing because toba have beautiful lake in north sumatra.

precisely the time the school holidays, I was with my friends and my school teachers held a study tour to parapat lake toba. indeed to Lake Toba for the first time I set foot there, it can be outside his creation god this one is the beauty of Lake Toba weve its unmatched, me and my friends feel happy even though our trip was very tiring journey from burr-headed riau parapat .
we all feel happy'' 'uhuhuh … after I got there we were not getting to the lake, but we had to take a break at the lodge.
"lake toba" My son geology, many people argue that formed Lake Toba folklore, but the geologists of his Lake Toba was formed from the eruption of the volcano millions of years passed, the eruption had two very powerful eruptions in the world so tebentuklah lake Toba.
Lake Toba is beautiful charm, my camera teman2 berfoto2 until memory is full, hehehehe "" "" 'I, we, and mandi2 school teacher in Lake Toba, but its course tepi2 her, because fear dalammm "" "hehe
after that we went to visit jalan2 stone pendant, stone pendant so it's odd, but who then lodged cuman bit, but rock on huge hanging.
after that we keliling2 to the island samosir that the tuk-tuk, it is wonderful and can not be forgotten, just "LAKE TOBA IS THE BEST" "
did not feel the time already almost late at night we were hurried back to the inn, until the next day2 we traveled there, time to go to the thorn had already arrived, we had to rush home,, so tired loh, but capeknya paid to the beauty of Lake Toba.
after arriving home in spines, all poto pfrofil on facebook teman2 I wear yng photo at Lake Toba "heheheheh"
already was yes teman2, I want a shower, cos want to go to work, the story for this time, look forward to in the next story of my adventures in Raja Ampat