Sun's Problem

I have a problem with smoking. I smoke too much. So, my girlfriend always nags me about quitting.
What’s more I’m not in good health. I can’t run for a long time. Also, now I haven’t got a job. So, I don’t have enough money to buy cigarettes. Because cigarettes are too expensive in Australia.
What should I do? Please give me advice.

Hi Sun, I'm Chat
I think your problem is a common problem among adults. Anyway, you should to find something else to do. For example, find a job, do exercise or go shopping. Something like that.

Hi Sun, it's me, Jason.
The best thing to do is simply quit smoking. However I know it's very hard work.

Hello, Sun

I agree with Jason, you should try to stop smoke step by step Mimi please look at grammar, punctuation and layout
do not quit on that time
It might make you feel want to smoke that before