My life in Australia : arrival

I came to Australia about one year ago. I brought airplane for a long time. It’s very laze time.

When I arrived in Australia, I was afraid and very tired. Because I didn’t know Australia very well.
Everything was strange and difficult. If I went to back home, I would want go home. But I came to Australia and stated new life. I decided to do brave.

I first came to Australia about 7years ago. That time I just travelled. But now I’ve have been living in Australia and staying with my friends for a year. I met them in Australia

I was surprised to see diverse peoples and food. To see so many nationalities was very interesting.

My life in Australia : college experiences

When I lived in Korea I was a common officer. I wanted to find a new job. But in order to get a better job, I needed English.

I don’t know why I need English. But English is needed for Korean society.
So, I came to Australia for English study. Because Australia has many famous places and kind people.
I have studied English, I also want to travel.

I have been learning English in Kingsway for 3weeks. I think, I am improving my English grade a little bit. If I spoke English very well, I would want have new experiences in Australia.
I hope to improve my English grade. So I will study English more.

To learn English places are a lot in Korea. But I was working. So I didn’t have study time.

Home Life

My life in Australia : Home life

I live in Berala with my two friend. My home type is house.
My has 2 rooms, a big living room and a kitchen. It is the nice place.
My second time living away from my parents. When I worked in Korea, I lived alone.
That time was a first time. Now my life is better than before. But I miss family and friends.
I am sometimes very lonely.

I have stayed with my friends for one month.
They are very kind and funny. So, I am a luck man
About human relationships. I drink so-ju with my friends everyday.
We don’t have “house rules” It is a free place.

Australian houses and Korean houses are different.
First, Korean houses have underfloor heating. But Australian houses have not got it.
So, I must need mattress pad.
Second, Australian houses walls don’t have a heat insulator.
So, the inside house is very cold in winter.
But Australian houses are beautiful. Most Korean houses are apartments.
There was many many apartment in Korea.
I hope my life will be better than now.