When I first came to Australia my purpose was only to earn money, not to study English. But I realized if I knew English very well, I’d get more money and a better job. So I study English now. I chose Australia to work because I can get a visa easily.
I’ve been studying in Kingsway for 3 weeks. I chose Kingsway because Kingsway’s teachers are all Australian and I think they can teach English well.
When I did the placement test I was bit tension and exited because I want know my English level. But that is make me stressful because that test difficult than I thought. I thought my level will be elementary. But my level is pre-inter so I’m happy.
Almost Korean people learn English at the elementary school. But they are teaching only writing and reading so almost Korean is can’t speak English well.
I think studying in another country I can meet with many other countries people. But sometimes when my classmates speaking I can't understand.