Su Hee


My hometown is Busan. Everyone knows that Busan is the place as the first harbour and has a number of swimming pools and beaches, especially the HaeWoonDae coast. And also, every Korean people included foreigners come to join the Busan International Movie Festival annually. I am fond of traveling and sightseeing the sea at MulWoonDae, and TaeJongDae is the place where make me satisfy.

Q : Where is Busan located in Korea ?

Q : How long of the Busan International Movie Festival showing?

Reasons For Studying English

Why am I studying English…….

I'm student. I'm studing English. But I'm not good at English.
However, I think I need to study English, because English is my first foreign language.
Furthermore, as the most common language that people on the earth use is English, I think it is necessary to study English.
And I want to go abroad. It is great that I can go on a trip to other countries.
I will study English very hard.