Hi, Oung.
Hi, Oung. I`m in Tokyo. (It is sight of Tokyo at midnight.)
There is so clear. Every streets, buildings, train stations, I can`t find a little bit of waste.
Of course, out of garbage can.
Every Japanese foods are too expensive, even if there are convenience shop foods!
but tasty. I was eating a Japanese ramen. The taste like to Korea bone soup.
There is a little humid than korea weather. I guess this is why, maybe there is island.
I`m watching so many interest places. Though almost places are taste restaurant.
I have been to the Akihabara. The holy ground of manias.
It was so amazing. Every people are wearing specific clothes. Probably you can imagine it by yourself. I think your imagines are correct.
When I get home, I guess I have got so many memorials. I`m never bored.
See you again when I`m back.