I studied material engineering in Korea at University.
I am studying English speaking and grammar at Kingsway in Australia.
I lived with my family of 4 people in Chon Ju in Korea.
I am living with my roommate and housemate in Sydney. There are 3 people now.
I usually spoke Korean in Korea.
I am speaking more English in Australia. Sometimes I speak Korean too.
I didn`t know how to cook in Korea. I am cooking in Australia by myself.
I enjoyed online computer games in Korea. Here I am enjoying American dramas and movies.
I took a bus when I went to University in Korea but here I am taking a train when I go to Kingsway.
I usually walked around the nearest park in Korea. Strathfield is my nearest train station now.

How to find a boyfriend
If you want to find your boyfriend, you should…
You should take a shower everyday because, boys like a good smell.
You should be kind. Normally, men like a girl who is kind more than bad girl.
You should speak to him honestly, you shouldn’t lie to him.
If you lie to him, he is disappointed with you and doesn’t like you.
You should face with him.
At the first, you have to try for he remembers your face and name.
Keep trying until he remembers you surely.
You should check up his hobbies. If you know about what is his hobby, you can talk with him more than his expectation.
You should watch your beauty. All humans love beautiful someone. Do you need to more explanation?
You should keep your clothes clean. Men don’t like dirty clothes.
You should be brave. Some men can’t know the thoughts of girl before she explains to him.
Remember give and take. If you give to him, he should give her other present. Contrast, if you receive something to him, you should give him other present.
Keep your secret a little. Sometimes, have a little secret is better than no secret.

My best day in Australia

Samuel (Kwang Ho You)

My best day in Australia was January 15th.

After I met Professor Han, I went to the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge with him and my house mate.

I saw a huge cruise ship there. It seemed to be as big as state building, or twice the size of it!

It was so amazing. I took a picture close to it.

Actually, I the Opera House was not as good as my expectations.

After that, I went to Bondi Beach. I saw good sights.

At 7:00 pm, We went back home, and had a dinner. The beef steak was so good.

At night, I went to The Opera House again and saw the night-time sight of it, it was so beautiful.

I wanted to take a picture, I couldn`t, because my phone camera can`t work at night or in the dark.

I was sorry about it. But I didn`t regret going. because I saw the best sights.