I choose to study English is Australia Coz Australia and Thailand not so far and travel to be convenient use what about time 9 hours ,I think how many person from another country live here and then Australia it’s be pleasant and I like weather cool.

I need English language for my job in Thailand and then I want salary more then here.

I think this college have a universal standard , good a teachers , and anything goods.

I feel bored Coz have a test very much and so difficult and than so long times.

I hope go to Intermediate but I live pre-Intermediate I’m so sad.

I think very differences my country it’s big class

Lesson style it’s so fun anything etc., How to pronounce

No Mix of nationalities

A good teachers Coz teachers is beautiful .

Resources from Internet, Text book anything.

I want to learn any culture and I likes travel go to another country I think so excited.

The worst thing to be separated my family andI miss family so much.

Home Life RACKET :]

I live at Regis Building., Castlereagh Street Sydney New South Wales 2000 Australia. And live with my roommates.

It’s a unit which have 1 master room, 1 second room and I share with another girl in second room. This unit is very convenient and comfortable., For example it’s near supermarkets, convenient stores, restaurants, and pubs. Moreover all of my roommates are very nice.

It’s a first time for me to live far away from my parent.But I think it’s a great opportunity for me because I can learn a western culture and also gain a lot of experiences from my work place.

I get along with my housemates. I spent time with them almost 4 hours in every days.
We always exchange some opinions, have a chat, or sometime we have sit on the table and eat together.

In my opinion of “House rule” between Australia and Thailand is similar because everybody have to respect each other for living with happiness.
Futhermore, everyone in the house have to help and clean l stuff after they used.

However, customs between my country and Australia are different.
For example, in Thailand, all youngests need to pay respect to all olders by doing a “wai”, but at here in Australia, we just say only greeting words.