Prae Postcard
Hi Pong
Well, here I am in England . This is Oxford university you know! Many of the scenes in the Harry Potter films are shot in various locations of this College. When I was young I want to go to Oxford in one day. It’s my dream. And now I’m staying in Oxford university. There have lots of people, they come from different countries. The weather is not good. The rain all day and all night. Sometime I’m boring. However this place is very beautiful and charming. The food is so expensive and I think it doesn’t delicious. In this university the most place that I like is a library. The library have many kind of books. It’s too quiet. Wish you were here with me. When I get home you’ll have to meet me at the old place you know. I’m thinking of you very much. See you soon. Bye.
P.S. Please tell your mom, I’m very missing her too.