"My lifestyle in my home country compared to my lifestyle in Australia"

I come from Thailand. My family has 4 people, dad mom sister and me. Everyday we have dinner with together. We always go to book shop for buy the interesting books. At my home, I have a bed, a cabinet and a toilet. I feel very fine in my house. I don’t have to work or be responsible and I can do everything that I want. It’s very easy. I usually spend the time reading novels , playing computer games and sleeping. I drive a car because I don’t like to walk. My life is so happy.
Now I living in Australia, my life is changing. I am living with host family. I and my sister are sharing a bedroom, a toilet and a cabinet. I am walking so much in this country because I don’t have a car. I am studying English all day. I am reading the English book, but I more like Thai books than it as some word I don’t understand it. I am helping my relatives to work at her restaurant. I am feeling so try and want to come back my home. But I know this is my responsibility. I should do it.