When I first came to Kingsway by POM

When I Chose to study English in Australia .I thought in Australia these are many national. I live in a city with many foreigners. I can learn the language so well because when I live in Sydney every body spoke English but I can’t speak it. I can’t stay here. If I can speak English, I can live here.
I want study English before I go around the world . I can speak to and ask every body. I will be able to meet new people, new friends, if I can speak English. I can get a good job. I want to develop knowledge for work. I will able to communicate with every body in the world.
I started studying in Kingsway 4 months ago. I chose Kingsway because Kingsway can teach me English language. In Kingsway many nationalist study in class.
When I arrived in Australia by POM

I came to Australia about 4 month ago. It was good weather. I came from Suwannaphom airport to Sydney airport in about 9 hours. I was very tired on the airplane I saw movies finished 3 but I couldn’t sleep. It was long Journey.
When I came to the Australian airport, the immigration they thought I was in selling of drugs. But I didn’t have any. They released me.
I went side of immigration and I saw my wife. She was waiting for me for a long time. She was angry because I was very late 1 hour. She looked at the flight, It wasn’t delayed, Why was I late. I explained to her.
We went from airport by taxi to Elizabeth street. When I arrived at home I slept but my wife went to work. Later that night my wife came back home. We are went to the Opera House and ate Korean food.
I stay in Australia with my wife. The difference for me is I get up at 5.00 am. Every day because I work at Sydney Town Hall. I work as cleaner. I clean for 3 hours. when I have finish. I go study at Kingsway institute. In Thailand I get up around 8.00 - 9.00 o’ clock every day

home life
I live in Sydney on Liverpool St. I live with my wife. I live in an apartment shared with friends. I live in second-room. It is better in my life. Because I work near about 10-20 minutes to work from home to work is easy for me.
In my home there’s a person she lived for long a time, about 8 years and almost every body has lived there for about 2-3 years. I live here for 5 month.
House rules in Australia are very good. Safety very much. We can cook but can’t make smoke, When we have smoke , Fire truck very fast to get to our home. In Australia it’s very nice and tidy.
In my country it’s easy. My home is very big I have very much area. I can walk around my home. Play loud music In Australia I can’t it.