Ploy's Problem

Dear Abbey

I eat chocolate everyday. On the way to school, I stop at 7-11 and I buy chocolate. I eat dark chocolate because it has a very nice taste.
I eat 2 boxes per day. When I eat too much chocolate it gives me a stomachache and it's not good for my teeth. I have to clean my teeth when I finish eating chocolate. I have to go to see the dentist every month because I eat too much chocolate. Also,I am putting on weight now, around 47 kgs. I know chocolate is not good for your health but I can’t stop eating it.

What should I do?

You should to have someone to control you and say "Hey!! your ate too much you began look fat" something like that. and you should be self discipline about eat.

HI ploy

You should do exercise or find interesting things to do. I think you didn't have enjoying your life. If you read this you have to go out to do somethings.

Hi Ploy,I'm Chat
I think chocolate is good for your health but you don't eat too much. You should to take toothbrush and toothpaste to school or to every where which you go.So you must to eat 1 box per day I think it's enough for you.

Hi Dek Ying Ploy
maybe you can still eat a lot of chocolate, because chociolate is not your problem, your problem is your teeth, you must take it out…. ^^