13 Sep 11

My Home town is Chiangmai of Thailand.

You can visit to Doi Suthep Temple for blessing wish to good life.People can visit to Chiang Mai Zoo go to see panda and local animalls in forest park.People can go walking street market PRODUCE BY HANDMADE and can lean to culture of Chaing Mai.

6 Sep 11
my first day in Sydney.

I came to live in Sydney for 4 months. I'm very excited.

What did you do frist? ^ .^
a;I walked and around in the city.

Why did you think excited?
a;Because this is my frist time in Sydney.
Did you like sydney?
a;Yes,I like Sydney.

first time in here how are you feel?
a;I feel excited and tired from aviation.
how did you come to sydeny?
a;I came here my plane.

23 August 2011

Hi' everyone
When I was a child, I used to like drawing very much. My teacher praised me . I became the school representative a drawing race.
I raced with another school. I drew the toppic "Mom" . I won the contest,so I got a prize of 1,000 Bath. this was the first time for me. Everyone congratulated me , and I got praise from my father and my mother. this is an experience. I'll never forgot.