A birthday you remember well

Last year I have birth day my friends surprice me by shair money for buy something forme.

- what the gift your friend gave you ?
They gave me a new mobile pone.

- how are you feel?

I was very happy.
-who have joined your birthday patry?
All my friends came to my birthday party,about 30 people.

Q:How do you feel in your birthday ?

I was surprised.

Q: Have you got the present from your family?

My family gave money to me.

August 23,2011

Hello! My name is Teenutt Nomura. I am from Thailand.
I was born on April 10, 1982. I lived with my parents and one sistir.
I lived in Bangkok,Thailand. I was studied sportscience three years ago.
When I was six years old I have many dog in my home,because I realy love dog.
In the future I like to be to football player,but I can't. And then everyone told me
I look like my father.

13 Sep 11

In BBK have many temples. It's very beautiful and then have a lot of people in there.
If who wanted to come to BBk I think it very interesting for them.