My life in Australia : Arrival
I come to Australia about 2 months ago. It was the first time in my life that I travelled by airplane. It took a long time, about nine hours. I was very excited. When I met immigration, She checked my visa and asked “ What are you doing here?” I told her “I want to learn English, do a course and a Bachelor Degree”
And then I walked through the bag scanners and every thing was complete. I walked outside. I met my friend. He picked me up to go home. I stayed with him only two days at his home. I noticed many differences. In Sydney many people like to walk everywhere. I like the cool weather in Australia and it doesn’t have any traffic jams.

My life in Australia: College experiences

I chose to study English in Australia because the cost of living in Australia is cheaper than in another country and it is a nice place. I think learning English have importance. I can use it everywhere in schools and in my jobs. Some jobs want people to have skills in speaking and writing.
I came to Kingsway about 2 months ago. I didn’t choose this college because my agency offered to me. I feel excited when I have a placement test. Sometime I were surprised to get a high result.
I think a difference between studying English here and in my country are teachers .