Nai's Problem

I have problem with getting to school late
however my alarm set at 8.00 O’clock in the morning. time school at 8.45 am. but I always got up delay after that a hour or more than but It’s not concern with when I go to bed late or early, so How I can do? or What should do?

Hi Nai, I'm Chat
Well, You have to set two alarm clocks far away of you bed. And then you must set up the alarm before the time you want to get up about an hour. I think it's maybe good for you.

Hi Nai, I'm Amos
I read your problem. I think before I'm same problem. but I break bad habit. You can do it. You must go to the bed early. And than you have to adjust alarm early. OK? If you will wake up early, you just take a shower. Certainly, you don't be late. Good luck.

sa wad dee krap Nai it is Bagi.i have same problem with you but i can come to school early.When my alarm goes off i get up and i have a shower.i hope it's help you good luck Nai see you everymorning at 8-45o'clock kkkk