Min's Problem

My problem is learning the English. Now, I have to live in Sydney because I got married.
Without my husband I don't do anything. For example, I don't even go to the bank because I can't communicate.
That's because I don't speak enough English. I can only speak a little English.
I try to study English but I can't speak English. It is very difficult for me.

What should I do?

dear Min,

This is me,Mimi Please alter layout and insert punctuation
I understand you problem because I am in the same situation with you
but I think we should make new friends
I mean friends who don't come from the same city
then try to go out with them and using English to communicate
Sometimes we might understand each other but we can get experience from that time


Hi Chat. After 'by' you need a gerund (e.g. by doing). Please make the necessary changes and also think about plurals
Hi Min, I'm Chat
I understand you because I have this problem too but I think we can improve our English skill by watch the movie, make friend with other country people etc.