13 sep 2011

My home town is Udonthani in Thailand.

-go to visit Ban Chaing national museum - when you go from bankok you can stop at Ban Chaing national museum for see thai culture in there because popular museum

-see water fall and forest park. - when you drive on the way you can see water fall and Forest alway when you at the way

-visit to sunshine orchid farm. can see forwer alway the way as well

+My first day in Sydney

My frist day in sydney i was exited and very tired when i come to sydney,because that is my frist time in my life

Q:where did you vitsit frist?
A:I walked aroud oxford st.Hype Park and Operahouse.

Q:How did you feel When you walked around the city? ^ .^ :)>+<
A:I was exited building it very bigger.

Q:When did you come frist?
A:frist day.

Q:How do you think about sydney?
A:It' good weather and good city.

Q:Did you like here?
A:Yes, I like it.

an accident story

Hello my name is lek. I come fromThailand.
When I was17 teen year old I had an accident.One day night my friend she need to take me go back to her house because,she forgot her handbag.Her house far form we lived about 50 km were went to her house by her car.when we'll came back my friend she drived very fast almost