I chose to study English in Australia because I hoped to attend a college and university in the U.S.A
So I needed to study English and I wanted a lot of experience. For this reason I chose to study in Australia, because I can get an Australian visa easily.

My school agent introduced me to Kingsway school. He told me it is good school and would be helpful to me. So I came to Kingsway in Australia

And then I didn’t feel that I had done very well when I tried the placement test and I saw my result.
Because when I was studying in the Philippines I tried a lot of the same tests and had the same result.

But I don’t know how different is studying way…because when I was living in Korea I didn’t study English. But I think that if I could have studied English in Australia when I was a kid so maybe now I would have pretty good skills in English.

Anyway now I’m having fun learning English and I’m interested in English. I love it and I will study more English .