06 Sep 11
Your last holiday : My last holiday that I visited to are Wollongong and Kiama on last Saturday.

How long have you visited at Wollongong and Kiama?

-I visited those place for 1 day should be enough because I've been there twice already.

Which place are you prefer?

-I prefer Wollongong because it's not just a relaxing place or shopping but there's a university for education too.

Did you like there ?

-Yes, of course I like it. I like to travel around when I have a day off and want to avoid the crowd that come to the city on the weekend.

13 Sep 11
My hometown is Chiangmai. Chiangmai is located in the northern of Thailand.
It's very well-known for tourists around the world, not even just Phuket where people knew as before.
Chiangmai was an ancient city before that made it has many old temples around the city.
And than Chiangmai has a nice scene area on the top of mountain that we called "Doi Suthep".

Which season are a lot of people go to Doi Suthep ?