My life in Australia : College experiences

I chose to study English in Australia because I think it’s the best City for me. Sydney has many beautiful places and the weather is good in every season. There are many nationalitys. And I want to see Kangaroos. I study English because I think it’s will be important for my job in the future. And everywhere people want to use English for conversation, writing and reading. I want to practice here.

I have come to Kingsway for 24 weeks. I have chosen this college because this college is near my room in Sydney and has a good place. I can walk here every morning.

In my placement test, I have felt serious because I couldn’t to test it. I were felt surprised in my result because I thought I must study at the beginning level.

Home Life

I live in Quay st, Hey market near the Central Station I live with my friends.

I stay in an apartment and I share a room with my friends. I think it’s a nice place. It’s comfortable for travel to go to school and shopping because it’s near a bus station and a train station. It’s safe with a key card.

This ‘s the second time living away from my parents. The first time, when I was 12 years old. I went to boarding school in another province for 14 years. It was a good experience for me.

I think house rules in Australia have freedom for everything and it’s got good traffic but in Thailand, the people must be respect to olders.