I love Australia. First Australia is very beautiful place and so many global people. This is a peaceful country, so I want study English here.

And than my major is nail art. I am a good nail artist. My dream is the open my nail shop in Melbourne. My nail shop is most biggest in Australia
So I need a English. That’s why

I was 2month studied in Kingsway. Kingsway have a good counsel she’s name is karen and Kingsway is cheaper than another college.

I was studied in korea before. I took the English speaking class.
That is a very big English academic in korea.
Very similar this Kingsway. But class size is bigger than Kingsway. There have so many foreigner teachers. They were very easy teaches for me.
So I think in korea teachers are better. But there all Korean and a few of Japanese.
Kingsway have a many Thailand and chinese,Japanese,Korean and another country people. I can meet global friends.

I am not unrepenting to visit Australia. I can enjoy study English. I meat a nice foreigner friends. I ate delicious food. Visit famous place.
And I will keep going to new challenge.

I don’t like one reason in Australia. That is a I am really missed my family.

I live in Sydney city near world square. And I live with my best friend.
She is my room mate. in first time I live in Sydney I meet her. So we are live with.

I live in city centre apartment. I am living room share with my roommate.
And 10 people live in there, they are all Korean and one Italian men, Too many but I am fine they are Very fun and kind nice tidyJ

I am very young. So I live with my parents until now.
So this is a first time. It’s a little hard because, I didn’t worried lonely, money, work, house pay, food everything. But now is I am always thinking. I live with my parents, that time is comfortable.

And my house rules is similar to korea.
Quiet, no party etc.