"My lifestyle in my home country compared to my lifestyle in Australia"
what your job is, how much money you make, where you live, who you live with, what you eat, how much free time you have, what you do in your free time, how much sleep you get, how often you see your friends.

In my home country there are many things to do. I was a student in a University in Bangkok. I lived with my classmate for 4 years. But in Australia I’m living with stranger peoples. All of them are come from Thailand. They are stranger peoples that I never know them before. I’m just trying to know them in Sydney. They are very kindness. And in Thailand I have many friends form the same University, they also very kindness. When I graduate in a University I have work in a small school. I was a tutor for 1 year. But in Australia I’m a chef at Thai restaurant , I’m cooking Thai food that I never do before. I just staying in Australia for study and working also. I’m trying to practising to cook a good food. In Thailand I earn small money per month but in Australia I earn big money per week.