My best day in Australia

My best day in Australia was about 3 months ago. I went to Manly beach with my colleagues. We drove to Manly beach.
It took 2 hours and we arrived at a hotel. We stayed in the hotel for 3 days. Before we ate dinner we went swimming and surfing, it was very fun. We sat-down on the beach and saw the sunset it the most beautiful. I took photos with my friends.
We sat-down on the beach until the sun gone and then we went back to hotel for took a shower and played internet. After relax we went to the Italian restaurant for dinner. We ate Italian foods and drank. We felt happy because more a long time we didn't went to outside together after dinner we went to a pub. Next day we drove a car to travelled around the beach and shopping.

My lifestyle in my country compared to my lifestyle in Australia

My life in Thailand I usually work 6 days and on Sunday I have a day off. I sometime go fishing with my sister and my aunt but a most we spend at time with shopping and we go to cinema. In Thailand I live with my aunt and then sometime I go visit my mother in law and stay with their. I work a small company. My job is as an accountant. I earn money from company but not too much. I have been working in a small company for 1 year and half and I decide follow my husband comes to Australia.
I have been in Australia about 10 months. My job is as a kitchen hand. I’m working in a Japanese restaurant. I’m leaning English in Kingsway’s .I live in Bexley North is a small suburb. I live with my husband and his brother. I really enjoy my life in Australia. In here I have work 5 day but not too hard. I have 2 days for a day off .I usually spend time at home for cook and paly internet or sometime I read interest a book.