Dongho's Problem


I have a problem with sleeping. I can't wake up early everyday because I think sleeping too much is a waste of time. and after this class, I have to go to work. when I finish my work, that time is already 11 pm. So sometime I've tried to go to bed early. But it didn't help me, so
I've tried to take a nap. it is often working. However I can't just take a nap everyday. I need more sleep.
What should I do????

Hi Dongho, I'm Chat
You should go to bed immediately after you finish your work. Then you have to set the alarm far away from you. Why Chat?

Dear Dongho,

It's me, Mimi. You should go to bed after you finish work and try to drink warm water or milk because it will make you sleepy.
Also, try to wake up immediately after you heard the alarm go off. Then just drink a cup of water; it might help you feel fresh.