My life in Australia: College experiences

In my country having skill of English Language is good for any business so I want to improve my practice in English language for my work in the future. I choose to study English in Australia because where is near my hometown. Thailand is far from Australia about 7500 kilometres. It’s on 9 hour trip by plane, and had 3hour time difference between my country, so I can call my family easily. Australia is wonderful for education, good quality of life, nice people and good weather.

I arrived in Sydney 8 days ago, And then I started learning at Kingsway Insitute 5 days ago (in the class), I choose this college because nearby my apartment where I stay at Pyrmont. My friend told me about this college, it's good for Thai students.

When I got a result of a placement test, I surprised my result was "Pre-Intermediate" level. I was happy for my test.

My life in Australia: Home life

I live in Sydney at 32 Bunn Street Pyrmont NSW, nearby Darling Harbour. I live with my friend who came from Thailand.

My accommodation is an apartment where look like a condominium and it’s fully furnished. And I share a room for my bedroom we have 4 people. Other people have a bed, It has 2 Level. I sleep on the top of a bed set. In my room everybody is nice, kind and friendly. We help to clean the kitchen, living room and watch TV together.

For the first time, I living away from my parents. It’s better than living in Thailand, I’ve freestyle activity. I cook food by myself and I can travel anywhere when I want. I live freely in Sydney.

Everyday my housemates watch TV from 8PM to 10PM. We’ll share each movie-video, Two hours to have any review an actor and a story of the movie and etc. Then We’ll talk about each personal problem and its’ helpful for getting good things.

Customs’ in Australia are different from Thailand, In Sydney it is multicultural and nationality.