Chat's Problem

Dear Abbey

My problem is that I’m very homesick. I want to go back to my country to stay with my parents. I have been in Australia for almost 4 weeks now. I feel alone because I must stay with someone who I don’t know. I must also make money. It’s hard for me because in my country I just help out in my parents’ business. It’s not too hard for me. After I finish my English course, my parents will send me to apply to a university in Australia too but I’m not very motivated because I’m just Bachelor’s degree graduated. What should I do ????

Dear Chat

you should meet and hang out with friends when you have time and call to your family when you feel sad. moreover, you should find a friend who you can talk anything with her and share you feeling with, you might feel better then.


Dear Chat

This is Min
you should look your country picture everyday.

Dear Chat,I'm Goi
You should positive thinking, which I believe in something.What did you wish for go straight way?
You want to see good view or you are going to destination. Maybe you fall in hole but you can happily,
when you think "It's OK,I like this place and I sucessfull."