I came to Australia on 6th of may 2012 in the morning. I was travelling for a bout 12 hrs by plane from Bangkok to Kl and had to wait for a new flight to go to Sydney for 1 hrs.

When I arrived in Sydney, I felt afraid of people and confused about what I had to do. I was sad with my self “ why did I come here? And I felt very sad to be alone here.

When I came to Australia the first thing I did I called my friend to pick me up and take me to her apartment and stay with her and her son.

In Sydney the first difference I saw was that there are so many people from Asia. I did not know Australia had so many Asian people. One thing that made me very surprised is that in Australia there is a lot of transportations and it is very expensive.

I have been in Australia for 1 month. But so much has changed. The first is my mind . In Australia time is important , we can’t lose it every minutes is worth a lot . Being my self is easier than changing for another person but it is harder to make every one understand who I am !

I live in the city in Sydney on Pitt street. It is not far from Thai town. I live with my friend and her son.

My accommodation is a condominium. We share a room to save money . It is a nice place because in the condo we have a swimming pool and a gym.

This is not my first time were lived in the Maldives. In Sydney It’s better than in the Maldives.

I get along with my housemates very well and I enjoy living with them. If we have free time we spend time together. Same like some times I did not go to school or work.

In Australia customs and “house rules” are very different to my country. In Sydney we have to especially be careful with our neighbours , more than in my country.

I choose to study English in Australia because my friend is studied in Australia for ten years.She told me about Australia and I am very interest in this country.

I have to study English because it’s important for my life now. If you want to gain a good job.

I came to Kingsway on the 7th of may. I didn’t choose this college an agency choose it for me.

I felt bashful and confused with my placement test. I was very surprised that I could study in Pre-intermediate class.

There are so many things different between study English in Sydney and Thailand. For in Thailand we have big class about 40 peoples per class but here we have 15 peoples per class. It’s a good thing to look after students.
In class we have a mix of nationalities. It’s a good thing we can learn about another culture and we has to try to speak English with everyone in a class.

3rd july 2012