Bagi S Problem

1.I live outside the C.B.D city.It’s far from my school so travelling by train takes a long time.

When i travelling by train i can’t wake up when i reach my station.

I miss my stop and i get there late lol kk

2.My other problem is that i don’t understand when an English speaker talks quickly with me.I can unterstand slow and easy English.

3.I started a new job after school.Every thing is good but i have to work everyday.I never go out with my friends on weekend.I want to see famous Australian place with my friends on weekend.

It’s my problems in Australia kk What should i do?Give me some advice please friends thx a lot.

Hi Bagi, I'm Ploy

You must concentrate when you get into the train
You should take a day off! if you don't have day off,you'll get tired. I think you are working too hard