Baggy's Problem

1.I live outside the C.B.D city.It’s far from my school so travelling by train takes a long time.

When i travelling by train i can’t wake up when i reach my station.

I miss my stop and i get there late lol kk Please remove numbers and 'texting language' and use paragraph layout. Think about punctuation and spacing after full stops and commas

2.My other problem is that i don’t understand when an English speaker talks quickly with me.I can understand slow and easy English.

3.I started a new job after school.Everything is good but i have to work everyday.I never go out with my friends on weekend.I want to see famous Australian place with my friends on weekend.

It’s my problems in Australia kk What should i do?Give me some advice please friends thx a lot.**

Hi, Baggi. I'm Sun.
You have many problems.
1. You should move to place nearly your school.
2. You should study hard
3. You should change your job.

Hi, Baggi. i'm DongHo.
I also don't understand when Please finish

Use paragraph layout. Think about punctuation and spacing after full stops and commas

dear Bagi,

It's me, Mimi
I also stay far from school, too
anyway, you should set up your alarm when you go somewhere by train
and about second problem, you should watch many English movie or listen to English music
and the last one, you should go and hang out with your friends
because i heard that your friends will go to Sydney aquarium on this Friday


Hi Bagi, I'm Chat
So, the first problem, you should move to the city where is near the school. The second problem you should watch English movie or talk to other country student and if you meet English speaker talk to you quickly you should tell them "Slowly please" ha ha. And the last problem you should to change your job or ask the boss for your day off.

I know your problem, also