Journal Writing

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Today's topics

  1. Your last day in your country
  2. Your first day in Sydney
  3. A special day in your life
  4. Your last holiday
  5. A birthday you remember well

Choose one of the topics above.
Open your personal page, and put this topic at the top.
Write one sentence only to start your story about this day.

Student Journals

How to join the site:
Click on your name.
A new page will open.
You will need to Join the site before you can edit. The password is "kingsway".
Start writing your journal in the edit window.
When you finish, click Save.
Look below for some ideas on what you can write about.

Journal Topics

Here are some ideas for what you can write about in your journal, or you can write about any other idea you have.

  • your weekend
  • your last holiday
  • a normal day at work or school
  • what you learnt in class
  • something you learnt on your own
  • talk about a movie or TV show you watched, or a book or magazine you read
  • a restaurant or party you've been to
  • going to the pub or a cafe- who was there, what did you talk about?
  • how you applied for your current job- where you heard about it, the interview, etc.
  • talk about one of your friends
  • explain something that happened recently in the news, and what you think about it
  • an Australian custom, and where you learnt it or who told you about it
  • a time you were lost, scared, very happy, or excited- what happened and why did you feel that way?
  • the place you live now and the people you live with