My life in Australia : Arrival

I came to Australia 7 month ago . By airplane it took about 9 hours from Bangkok to Australia. I felt bored when I stayed in the airplane. I was feeling excited and afraid when I met immigration because I could’t speak English . I spent my first day window shopping in the city and the opera house before I went to my home. I stayed with my friends. I was feeling the differences between Thai weather, people, life style, food , views, and the buildings.
When I came around the city I felt surprised there were a lot of foreigners and cultures in the city. I could see few Australian people but I could see many Australian people in suburbia. I didn’t know why.
When I stayed here I thought might change my lifestyle, food and speaking skill.

Home Life

My life in Australia home life

I live in Balgowlah . It’s maybe 40 minutes form the city to Balgowlah .
I live in an apartment with my friend and brother. The apartment is very nice for me because I fell comfortable when I come home.
It had two bedrooms one big living room and one kitchen . Our apartment is close to more interesting shops restaurants the bus station and hear the beach . I live alone in my room
In my country I lived at house with my family .We are happy in my house, We spend time travelling having dinner and watching tv.

House rules in Australia are not different for my country.


College experiences

I chose to study English in Australia because my father thought the English language was very important. He would like his daughter to speak English very well. And then Australia is not as far as England. My family can come visit me.
I’ve been in Sydney since October 2011. I’ve been at Kingsway for eight months. I came to study English at Kingsway because my friend studied here.
The first test was very difficult for me because I didn’t used to speak, read or write well.