My life in Australia.

I came to Australia 6 weeks ago.
The weather was bad. There was heavy rain. I felt very tired, because I spent 10 hours on aeroplane.
I first came to Australia for 6 weeks. I was staying with friends in the city.

I was surprised when I saw people walk around smoking. Because, reportedly Australians were don’t walk around smoking.
And many people were jaywalking.

I went to the Blue mountains for 1 and a half months. The Blue mountains is a very beautiful place.
I went to the Opera House. I thought the Opera House was an interesting design.
And Australia has many trees and parks. It’s very natural. I like nature. So I walked in the parks.

My life in Australia : College experiences

I choice Australia to study English, because Australia used British English and international people
Live in Australia. I can speak Korean and Japanese perfectly. But many people use English speak and study English in the world.

I’ve been studying in Kingsway for 8 weeks. I choice Kingsway because I think there are good teachers and good quality programs in Kingsway. It’s near my house.

I think a difference between studying in Korea and Australia is many people use the language.
Korea is Korean Australia is English. Then we can use English always.
For example, when I go to the park, I can listen to English. Wherever we can use English.
If I could study in another country I would like England. Because English is England’s language.
So simple.

My life in Australia : Home life

I live in the city with my friends. My share room is very quiet.
Everybody was kind and friendly and everyday they’re funny. Sometimes we cook dinner and eat together .
We spent 1 month and 2 weeks together. It’s very the short time, but we look like the family.

7years ago, I was the university student then I lived alone in Tokyo. I left Japan and lived in Seoul, that was alone too.
Then I was living away from my parents 2 times. This is the 3rd time in Australia.
So I feel it is normal but I always miss my mother.

My house has “ No rules.” But we have manners. We are always friendly.
And we will be happy everyday!