My life in Australia :

Two mounts ago I came to Sydney by plane. The journey was about 9 hours from Bangkok.When I came to Sydney airport I felt tired and excited because this was my first time in Sydney.
When I fist came to Sydney I went to a residence with my friend and stayed at Oxford St. I noticed some differences in the city and I was very surprised by the traffic in Sydney because the traffic in Sydney doesn’t have traffic jam like in Bangkok.
I think in Sydney it’s easier to eat because it has many restaurants. The climate in Sydney is different to the climate in Thailand.
I like the winter in Sydney because in Thailand it’s very hot.

College experiences :

I choose to study English in Australia because my friend he is studied in Australia since 2010. He told me about Australia is more than pleasant other countries and not far from Bangkok.
I would like to know a English language very well before come back to Thailand. I want to use English with my work at a company.I felt good after I received a result for my test because I wasn’t an expert about English grammar before that.
I felt confused with my placement test because it was my fist time in Sydney.
I think my class size is good student. I like a lesson style of every teacher. I feel fun and happy when I played some game.I think friends from other countries is good for me because we speak only English.

My life in Australia : Home life

In Sydney I live an apartment on Oxford street . I share a room with my friend. My room is a nice place because it’s near a train station and a supermarket.

It’s my first time living away from my parents. When I came to Sydney the first week I feel home sick and after 2-3 weeks I change to living in Sydney. I felt good because I knew Sydney better.

I get along with my housemates because my housemates are courteous when I want to sleep. they will stop making loud sounds in my room.

Customs in Australia are different to customs in my country because laws in Australia are strict more than in my country.

3rd July 2012